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External finance and accounting professionals to supplement your team

Welcome to Kewell Consulting, your partner in financial prosperity for strategic business solutions and expert advice. 

Our Mission

To empower organizations to achieve their full potential and drive sustainable growth.
We offer a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

At Kewell Consulting, we understand that every business faces distinct challenges and opportunities. That’s why we take a customized approach, working closely with our clients to identify their specific goals and develop strategies that deliver tangible results.


Kemba Howell

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Your business is unique, and understanding it requires a comprehensive perspective. That’s why we invite you to engage in a 30-minute consultation, the first step towards exploring how our expertise can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Over the years, I have worked with various companies, including Fortune 100, 200 & 500 corporations, and small to medium size businesses. This broad exposure has allowed me to develop a holistic understanding of the challenges faced by different stakeholders and tailor my approach to meet their unique needs.

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